Set sail for the launch of the new Molson Ex!

All aboard! To celebrate the launch of Molson Export’s new brand image,TOTEM really poured itself into the work. And it wasn’t a task for the weak: 500 Molson representatives and a group of journalists who were used to attending launches of all sorts.

What a success it turned out to be! Nothing was left to chance. The launch was held in the Old Port of Montreal under a big top that featured an immense multimedia show. The highlight of the event was a short film depicting the evolution of the Molson Export brand over the last 107 years. A few old salts of the sea with the Molson logo tattooed on their forearms may have even shed a tear or two.

The unveiling on the new brand image began with a countdown from the crowd, and the big top doors opened to reveal a huge sail emblazoned with an old-fashioned Quebec ship carried by none other than Geoff Molson—symbolizing his ancestor John Molson’s original quest. Following that? The big celebration, showcasing the new brand image, logo, packaging, website, various online apps, advertising, and a whole lot more. And of course all the barrels—that is, cases of Molson Export beer! The rest is history—and memories we won’t soon forget.